About me

My name is Carlos Buchart, and I’m Software Engineer at STT Systems (Spain), and Associate Professor at TECNUN (Spain). My work is mainly focused on the development of end-user tools for 3D data manipulation, motion capture applications and frameworks for our engineering teams. My main fields of interest include general programming, algorithm optimization, surface reconstruction and user interfaces design. I’m also interested in scientific visualization, memory management, file systems, cryptography and graphic design. I got a Computer Science MS in 2005 (University of Carabobo, Venezuela) and lectured my PhD thesis in 2010 (University of Navarra, Spain). My complete curriculum vitae can be found here.

In my normal life I enjoy spending a lot of time with my wife and kids, writing songs, singing (as soloist and as baritone in Coro Alameda), developing small applications, contributing in Stack Overflow, reading books about the Ancient World, playing guitar and scientific divulgation, talking about the weather when a conversation is taking difficult, videogames and cooking. I’m also a big fan of Apple, Star Wars, Harry Potter, the Big Bang Theory, Rurouni Kenshin and Dragon Ball. You can find more about some of these topics in my blog (in Spanish).